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Don't Miss: 'Woodrow on the Bench,' by Jenna Blum

by Tribune News Service | November 20, 2021 at 10:00 p.m.

By Laurie Hertzel

Star Tribune

I'm not sure there is any experience more poignant than caring for an elderly pet in its final months. Jenna Blum captures the sorrow and joy, the sweetness and grief in "Woodrow on the Bench" (Harper, $22.99), her memoir of caring for her old black Lab during his final months. We first meet Woodrow when he's 15 -- old for a big lab -- and ill with what the doctors say is heart disease.

Blum brings him out every day to sit on a park bench near her apartment. And an amazing community is born as neighbors, passers-by, regular park-walkers and other strangers stop by to pet the old guy and chat.


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