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Readers share what they are thankful for

by From Staff Reports | November 24, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.
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EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you to everyone who responded when we asked what you are most thankful for this year. We are especially thankful for your continued support and the opportunity to be a positive part of our wonderful community. Happy Thanksgiving!

I am exceedingly thankful for God and family. So many people these days are lost and looking for purpose. They follow where they are told to go and what to believe. I am grateful for the purpose God has given in my life so that I can truly think for myself and in the best interest of my family. Secondly, I am thankful for second chances. -- A 39-year-old college student.

-- Angela Tuttle, Fouke, Arkansas

I am most thankful for my wife and I's newborn son Nolan and for being able to call Texarkana our hometown. I have seen the positive growth in and around Texarkana and cannot wait to see what the future brings for the town that will always be my hometown.

-- Austin Harvey, Texarkana, Texas

I am most thankful for the community in which I live and the neighbors we have here.

-- Bobbie Wright, Queen City, Texas

I'm retired military and spent a few Thanksgiving holidays not at home. Today I feel blessed that there are still those who chose to honor their country. Protecting others so that Thanksgiving can be shared under a free flag.

-- Charles Potter, Texarkana, Texas

I'm most thankful for Jesus Christ, my Saviour. He has filled my life here with abundant blessings and my eternity is secure in Him.

-- Deborah Lively, Texarkana, Texas

Family and friends.

-- Dan Walker, Maud, Texas

My God for letting me still be here today.

-- Ernestine Huntley, Texarkana, Texas

First responders in the Four States Area who risk their lives for us daily.

-- Francene Miller, Texarkana, Texas

My relationship with JESUS.

-- Jackie Wilson, Texarkana, Texas

I am thankful for all the love and wonderful blessings God has given me. I am so blessed to have my husband, my beautiful daughter and her sweet family living in Texarkana. I am so thankful for family both by blood and by choosing. Our daughter-in-laws who invited us to Thanksgiving dinner over 10 years ago and we've been family ever since. We have friends for over 65 years, that's a blessing. We're both in good health with a roof over our heads and a home of our own. Yes, we're thankfully blessed.

-- Jana Miller, Doddridge, Arkansas

That I have a God who loves me and the freedom in this nation to worship and serve Him.

-- Jena Teer, Texarkana, Texas


-- Jody Price, Texarkana, Texas

My wife "Punkin." She led me out of the dark side of my life and helped me find my Lord and savior, JESUS CHRIST. I STILL HAVE HER AFTER 70 YEARS.

-- Jimmie Allen, Texarkana, Texas

My family and friends.

-- Juvard Anthony, Nash, Texas

Of course, family is usually the go-to answer. But, I'm currently undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer, so I'm just really thankful for another Thanksgiving. I believe every day is a gift and we should seize every moment. I'm so thankful for medical staff and everyone involved in my care and the care of others. Get busy living or get busy dying!

-- Kathy Huffman, Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for all because this year has been a difficult and devastating one, so many people have lost loved ones, their homes and jobs. That's why this year I'm thankful for all my health and strength to be born and to come from a place people have been broke down, destroyed, and still smile because we rebuild, come together through all the pain, through all disappointments, and still manage to make a way to smile, to continue America the great. I'm thankful for all that. We are strong American people.

-- Leah Nard, Texarkana, Texas

Health is number one, each day is a good day.

-- Doris Coleman, Auburn Hills, Michigan


-- Alyssa Jones, Texarkana, Arkansas

Most thankful is family and friends, for serving my country and for all the veterans who served past and present to keep this country free. For our police men and women who keep our towns safe and state police as well. Most of all thank you Lord Jesus for dying on the cross for our sins.

-- Michael Leonard, Texarkana, Texas


-- Nedra Turney, Texarkana, Arkansas

Family, friends, and good health. Especially thankful to be vaccinated this year so we can celebrate Thanksgiving with family.

-- Rachael Potter, Texarkana, Texas

My Lord, Jesus Christ, and the salvation He paid for on the cross.

-- Betty Farrar, Texarkana, Texas

I'm most for having the Lord as the head of my life and for having such a loving family relationship.

-- Roger Simon, Texarkana, Texas


-- Kathy Sportsman, Texarkana, Arkansas

I will be most thankful for being blessed to see another Thanksgiving, and having my family around.

-- Shatrena Betts, Hooks, Texas

I am thankful for my family, my mom and brother and uncle who live miles away, but still take the time to send their love through texts and emails. My husband and daughter and stepson who show no end to the love they give. I will never tire of receiving your hugs and kisses. And last, but certainly not least, my in-laws, who have welcomed me into their family with open arms. You will never understand the magnitude of how grateful I am to receive your unconditional love. Happy Thanksgiving.

-- Tara Stiner, Texarkana, Arkansas

The privilege of being in a position where I am fulfilling my passion and calling!

-- Marcus Bellamy, Texarkana, Texas

The fact that I am able to get up each morning, being blessed with a loving and caring family and good friends and neighbors, and I am able to walk around and enjoy the bountiful wonders that mother nature and the Good Lord has placed on earth for us to enjoy.

-- Vinod Doolabh, Texarkana, Texas

I will be so thankful for my family. Family for me encompasses more than just people, but the way my parents raised me to be grateful for the little things in life that money cannot buy like love, friendship, and God. Heath may fail and relationships may end but a loving family and true friendships always endure the heartaches and strife of life.

-- Tiawana Rouse, Dierks, Arkansas

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