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Target gives Thanksgiving back to its employees

by Junius Stone | November 24, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.
A busy day at the Target store in Texarkana on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Target corporate management has declared the stores closed on Thanksgiving Day. They have been so the last couple of years because of COVID, but this has now become a permanent feature because the company has decided to give their employees the day off for the holiday as a matter of policy. (Staff photo by Junius Stone)

TEXARKANA, Texas -- Target has announced recently via The Associated Press that the retail chain will be permanently closing its stores for Thanksgiving Day as of this year's holiday. This is an indefinite continuation of store policy that began when the COVID pandemic ensued.

Reaction at Texarkana's Target, was quite positive, not only from the store crew, as expected, but customers as well.

"Lots of positive feedback from the team," said Robert Johnson, human resources executive for Target-Texarkana. "Very enthusiastic. Also, same with our guests (customers), also happy for us."

According to The National Retail Federation, U.S. holiday sales in November were up 8.2% last year, compared to 2019. A similar increase is expected for the holiday sales season in 2021.

Last year, U.S. holiday sales in November and December were up 8.2% from 2019, according to The National Retail Federation, which expects that holiday sales will grow by 8.5-10.5% in 2021.

"What started as a temporary measure driven by the pandemic is now our new standard -- one that recognizes our ability to deliver on our guests' holiday wishes, both within and well beyond store hours," Target CEO Brian Cornell wrote in a note to employees.

Initially, large-scale retailers were trying to blunt online sales competition by holding sales days on Thanksgiving. However, that had a reducing effect on Black Friday sales and also led to loss of employee morale and bad publicity towards the companies forcing employees to work on such a traditional family holiday.

Last year, Thanksgiving Day trailed only Cyber Monday and Black Friday in online sales, according to the Adobe Digital Economy Index.

Other national stores located in Texarkana that will be closed on Thanksgiving:

Walmart, Kohl's, Best Buy, Gamestop, JCPenney, Sam's Club, Home Depot, Lowe's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Big Lots.

Print Headline: Target gives Thanksgiving back to its employees


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