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Colley Village Trading Co. offers flowers, gifts and event venue in Texarkana, Arkansas

by Junius Stone | October 3, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.

TEXARKANA, Ark. -- On a rural stretch of road in Texarkana, Arkansas, a local couple has put their heads and means together to start a new enterprise.

The Colley Village Trading Co., a combination floral and craft shop, has been established in what was formerly a wood shed.

"The inspiration to do this hit us in March," said Leah Colley, who previously ran small businesses including a hair salon and a flea market. "We were coming home from grocery shopping and God laid it on my heart to do this. I said to Bubba, 'Got to pull that shed up to the street and make a store out of it."

Bubba, whose background includes the aforementioned woodwork as well as a hitch as an infantryman in the Marine Corps, is currently a police officer in the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department.

He put his back into the store effort and between the two of them, the Colley Village Trading Co., was born.

"This is a floral and gift shop, but much more," said Leah Colley. "Not only do we want to feature local crafts here, not just the things Bubba and I have made, but this is also an event venue. We have already hosted a wedding here and we have not even had our grand opening yet. Also, we are thinking of the holidays here and intend to have a tree farm just in time for Christmas, complete with photo opportunities with Santa when the time comes."

Colley Village Trading Co., is considered a side-pursuit by both Colleys.

"Bubba does this as a side thing as his main vocation is with the TAPD, 14 years now, three years as a sergeant," she said.

"Also for me, as my main efforts now are being a wife and mother. But we are excited for this and look forward to our future plans. Big dreams."

(Colley Cottage Trading Co., is at 4400 Old Blackman Ferry Road, Texarkana, Arkansas. Call 903-277-3993 for hours.)

Print Headline: Colley Village Trading Co. offers flowers, gifts and event venue in Texarkana, Arkansas


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