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Grand jury indicts man in alleged sexual misconduct with children

by Lynn LaRowe | September 13, 2021 at 1:48 a.m. | Updated September 13, 2021 at 1:49 a.m.

TEXARKANA, Texas -A man accused of misconduct with three boys and a girl was indicted for sexual indecency and voyeurism by a Bowie County grand jury Thursday.

Michael Paul Ziebart, 45, allegedly had access to the children while working for the parents of some of the alleged victims between mid-February and June, according to a probable cause affidavit. The allegations against Ziebart were reported to the Bowie County Sheriff's Office in late June.

Ziebart is accused of voyeurism involving a victim under 14 with two children including a 13-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl. Ziebart allegedly entered a bathroom where the 13-year-old boy was showering, pulled back the curtain and made a sexually explicit comment regarding his body.

Ziebart allegedly entered a bathroom where the 12-year-old girl was showering, pulled back the curtain and attempted to get into the shower with the child. Ziebart is charged with voyeurism involving the girl.

Two boys, both age 10, allegedly reported that Ziebart touched them in a sexual manner. Ziebart is facing three counts of indecency with a child by contact.

If convicted of voyeurism, Ziebart faces six months to two years in a state jail on each of two counts. If convicted of indecency with a child by sexual contact, Ziebart faces two to 20 years on each of three counts.

Ziebart is currently being held in the Bowie County jail. Bails on the charges totals $170,000.


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