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IN OUR VIEW/Insanity: New York DA puts criminals ahead of police, victims

January 10, 2022 at 10:00 p.m.

Newly-elected New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg created a firestorm last week when he sent a memo announcing his office would no longer prosecute a number of low-level offenses -- and some that many folks don't consider all that low level.

Among those crimes: Marijuana sales except for very large amounts, prostitution, most trespassing charges, evading paying subway and bus fares.

One could, we suppose, argue that prosecuting such offenses is more trouble than it's worth. Maybe.

But more disturbing is Bragg's plan to reduce armed robberies that don't involve a gun or injury from a felony to a misdemeanor. That same goes for other thefts, such as shoplifting or from home storage units. And resisting arrest.

The consequences for such crimes will be more about "crisis intervention," community service and treatment programs than jail. He wants a 20-year maximum even for murderers. And Bragg also wants to do away with requiring bail except for the most serious offenses. Just catch and release, so to speak.

Harvard-educated Democrat says he wants to make the streets safer and reduce "mass incarceration."

In our view he's confusing his job as chief prosecutor with social work.

New York police agree. They see this as making their job much harder. Victim advocacy groups fear a "bloodbath." And business owners expect an onslaught by thieves who can only get a slap on the wrist.

We agree. Bragg isn't backing down, though.

"I challenge anyone to suggest that what is going on right now is working. A system that is rife with racial disparities, a system where we have increased gun violence and increased incarceration. I mean, that can't be anyone's prescription or recipe for what's working. We've laid out a path that is going to reduce incarceration, reduce violent crime, get people services, make neighborhoods safer, get New York City back up on its feet, it's the road forward and the pathway to safety and justice," he told FOX News.

The DA is an elected position. So NYC can only thank their fellow citizens, who gave Bragg 83% of the vote over his Republican opponent. We wonder what those voters are thinking now that's it's too late?

Such total insanity hasn't made it down our way yet, though there are some rumblings in more "progressive" cities like Austin and Houston. And likely won't anytime soon. But attitudes change. And the only real defense is the ballot box.

Print Headline: IN OUR VIEW/Insanity: New York DA puts criminals ahead of police, victims


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