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Zales in Texarkana hosting jewelry repair event

by Junius Stone | January 14, 2022 at 10:00 p.m.
Ginger Manning of Valiant, Oklahoma, brought a diamond ring with a loose stone to the jewelry technicians at Zales in Central Mall. She says she has been coming to Texarkana and Zales for many years. (Staff photo by Junius Stone)

TEXARKANA, Texas -- Zales in Central Mall is in the middle of a custom design and restoration event -- but in ends today.

The promotion, which started Thursday, offers customers a discount on jewelry specialty services, especially repairs.

Customers can bring their "hopeless cases" to the technicians at Zales and let them see what they can do to restore life in broken jewelry.

Ginger Manning was there having a diamond ring looked at. An AP English teacher from Valiant, Oklahoma, she says the ring, featuring two carats in diamond, pear-shaped and 14-carat white gold, developed a loose diamond issue during the holidays.

"So we drove to Texarkana to try to get it taken care of," she said. "I didn't even know the promotion was going on. Good timing, really."

Manning says she and her husband often come to Texarkana to shop.

"Valiant is not a big town," she said. "At the high school I teach at the total student body is around 250 kids. So there really is not much there. So when we need to shop, beyond the basics, we come to Texarkana or Paris, Texas."

Print Headline: Zales in Texarkana hosting jewelry repair event


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